As Most of you already know Twilight has gone through quite a few changes updates both for good and some say for bad. But Let us focus upon the good things. 1. Twilight kingdom got an overhaul change brand new spawn everything reset so no one is over powered over new comers. So Let us get ready to grow our kingdoms and battle each other. Number 2. We had a towny and then we didn't now we have one back. Brand new spawn little things around spawn to catch your attention. Well ok really its more interacting with spawn. I am sure some of you are sitting back thinking why towny and kingdom arn't they both the same? Well Yes and no. Kingdom is meant for pvp and battling each other as of towny is meant for creating towns, cities then who knows what with out the thought of it getting griefed or someone going to kill you when they come see your town. 

So with all that out of the way the next big news is we are connected with a gaming community. This gaming community will be connecting our website with theirs and we each will have the others discord connections. That way if there are individuals that want to play minecraft from their community then they have a fun safe place to go. Also that lets everyone here be opened up for playing on different gaming servers. So keep an eye out for their discord link. 

Next so thats a lot to take in. Well there is plans in the future NEAR future for new things so keep checking back as to what is going on and what is out there waiting for you all. OH AND /FLY it may or may not be in /market check it out. to see what is new and what has changed. 

Enjoy your time and have fun 

Twilight Staff

Kingdom Revamp

Twilight Kingdom posted Oct 25, 17

Kingdom Revamp 

Yes it was that time again, we had a revamp. There was some plugins that was removed as well as new ones added. Spawn is quite different as well. Theori now has his castle with some of the towns people moved into the castle. There was also a rank change that way the ranks are easier. Staff ranks was changed, down to two staff and owners. Come check it out and see what all has happened. 

Discord update

Twilight Kingdom posted Sep 23, 17

Twilight Kingdom is doing a bit of udating and going to get people back on it. Join discord Here today and lets start as a great team to get twilight active again. If you have any questions or suggestions please join there and let me know. 


Merc/Raven posted Aug 21, 17

We have had concerns arise up, so making this announcement for everyone..... No where does it say nor has anyone ever said that staff can not be staff on a different server..... So the next person or group trying to cause problems for individuals and be like, "oh so blah blah blah is staff on a different server", they will be banned for a day or more depending upon who it is and if they have been talked to before about it.......... So please make sure to inform anyone you are friends with on the server regarding this.

-Elders and Marshals

Just a head's up everyone, since I have work Thursday from 12pm to 5pm EST, IF I have Wednesday still off (I can be called into work at any time due to I won't go into overtime), I'm planning on doing a day early Birthday Bash for the server. It turns 6 months old on the 13th. :D

-Edit- It will NOT be on Wednesday. Had a co-worker quit and I'm the only one who can pick up their shift that day. It is currently TBA.

If I do get called into work, it'll be the next day I have off. I'd say for our players in the UK, it'll start at about 1-2pm EST (so about 6-7pm for the UK players, 10-11am PST). So invite friends and family to the server (ip:, there will be a drop party (with more than the usual drop items), keys, 4x MCMMO xp for that day and the next day, group boss fights with a prize per boss, and maybe more (still kinda in the planning phase aha.). So be sure to let vet players and possible new players know! See you there! ^-^


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