Just a head's up everyone, since I have work Thursday from 12pm to 5pm EST, IF I have Wednesday still off (I can be called into work at any time due to I won't go into overtime), I'm planning on doing a day early Birthday Bash for the server. It turns 6 months old on the 13th. :D

-Edit- It will NOT be on Wednesday. Had a co-worker quit and I'm the only one who can pick up their shift that day. It is currently TBA.

If I do get called into work, it'll be the next day I have off. I'd say for our players in the UK, it'll start at about 1-2pm EST (so about 6-7pm for the UK players, 10-11am PST). So invite friends and family to the server (ip:, there will be a drop party (with more than the usual drop items), keys, 4x MCMMO xp for that day and the next day, group boss fights with a prize per boss, and maybe more (still kinda in the planning phase aha.). So be sure to let vet players and possible new players know! See you there! ^-^


I've made a few small changes on Kingdom Spawn:
1) Added A Donator Building For All Who Have Donated! Do /warp donator
2) Added Warps! Do /warp or /warps. There are now warps to each Quest NPC. Makes all that running around a bit more less.. Running around, huh?
3) Added A Hologram Near Theori About /warp twilightinfo.
4) Added Holograms At Twilight Info.
5) Set The Time Of Day To Be More Twilight-y.
6) No More Weather To Lag Players In Spawn!
To Be Updated In Kingdom:
1) Shop Chest so players can buy/sell items at other player's shops.
2) Warp Lore! That'd be interesting, huh? That way you guys can see the information about that warp and what its for. (If possible, due to my work schedule, can someone in staff, or even players, make the Warp Lore for each warp and private message them to me? It'd help cut down a lot of work for me as I'll have to type each line in plus add colors. An expample is in creative, just do /warps and look at the parkour one.)
3) Maybe some more fun stuff for you guys? Who knows? ;D
Things Broken That We Are Aware Of:
1) Voting in Kingdom and Creative (which means the montly vote competition will be held off until this is fixed, meaning June was void, and July will be void.)
2) Player Shops: Can't buy/sell items in another player's shop.

Update time! Kingdom is now 1.12! That's right ladies and gentlemen. Before you say anything about your items or levels.. Everyone had to restart. Everyone is upset about it. However, it HAD to be done.

1) 1.12 blocks would have messed up not only the world, but builds as well. So we had to change the world map.

2) We actually had to force some plugins to work on 1.12, wait for others to update, or lost a few.

So no matter what, items and levels were going to be lost.
Creative is NOT 1.12. This means you can still go over there, but 1.12 blocks do not work. They will disappear and not be placed.

We recently changed hosts to help with lag. Our new ip is

We now also have a discord server. This invite link does not expire:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the staff.


Hey Everyone! Just wanted to say Congrats to SnowyOwl102 for winning the May Voting Competion! Thank you to all who have been voting. June Voting Comp starts tomorrow June 1st. Vote the most and win a random prize, get a NPC at the voting area, AND get your name on the Voting Competion Winners hologram! Good luck!

Just a reminder: Warning. Player vaults are being removed. Everyone has until June 4th to remove ALL items from ALL player vaults. If you fail to remove the items by June 4th, we will be unable to retreive them for you.


Hey everyone! Just to let you all know, right now when you join the server you will be taken to the Creative server. We are working on clearing out things from Kingdom to lessen the lag. There will be possibly some new fun things as well. Still debating on that, though. Please be patient with us at this time as we are working hard to get things back to running smoothly. One of the things we are removing is the Player Vaults. Warning. This means as of today, May 28, everyone has a week to remove ALL items from ALL player vaults. If you fail to remove the items by June 4th, we will be unable to retreive them for you. That being said, hope you continue your stay on the Twilight Kingdom server.


[Rogue] zenyatta Rfor some strange reason i cant come on to the twilight server it jsut wont let me

pls send help
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