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I know what you are thinking. "Gosh. Why are the staff not listening to us? We're getting tired of all of the updates to Kingdom, but survival isn't really what we like or it'd be nice to build things in creative for once..We have heard your cries! No need to rebel against us! We have been secretly working on a Creative server while doing updates to Kingdoms. Didn't think we could multitask, did cha? You'll still spawn in the survival area, Kingdoms, when you log in. To go to the creative side, do /creative. When you vote over there, you still get a vote key over in Kingdoms, and a surprise over in Creative. My lips are sealed, you gotta check it out yourself. The creative spawn was built by Amarboo, Duskyboo, and Fairlylocxl. So a big round of applause for those three for their hard work. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of the staff and we hope you enjoy the Creative server as much as you've enjoyed the Kingdoms server!


Picture by Merc. (Told you guys I'm not an artist lol)

Kingdom Update

Twilight Kingdom o posted Apr 18, 17

News on the update. Well we finally finished the Kingdom update some of these things would include; Changing all ranks from what they had before to emotes, pets, and bonuses. We also expanded spawn so we have a “free food” place to go and kill animals and get food, different shops that you can sell things to gain money or tokens. YUP thats right I said or tokens so we have 2 yes 2 currencies on Twilight. You are able to convert your balance between the two, there is a token top bal at the warp for drop parties. The token plugin is 100 percent made for us and totally custom to what we needed and wanted, so next time you see Bumblebeee_ tell him thank you very much. That is leading us to the bonuses or multipliers on market to buy, these are to multiply the amount of money that you gain in the shops around spawn when selling different things. Next thing I would love to mention would be the tokens/money you earn while breaking or placing blocks. All this is to help earn money towards buying those commands and different things you would love to have but can’t physically have it till you buy them with ingame money. So check out /bs twilightshop…. Yes you can buy fly, ore generators, along with many more things that is fully awesome and great. We also have it where people can buy keys when buying these keys everyone that is on the server gets the keys to be able to gain spawners, money, and many more items. Last thing that we did was hire new staff, I would love to welcome all the new staff and congrats to the staff that moved up. Keep checking back to see more about future updates, psst we have an update coming out but you all are just going to have to sit back keep playing and wait to see the new update.

Hey all, 

Just to let you know, staff is still activiely working on bringing tons of new stuff to you guys. We're working day in and day out to finish the updates and to roll them out. 

This next update will include quite a few neat things for you all. 

While we're doing this, please be mindful that we are working as fast as we can. Please do not rush us because if you do, we'll take even longer to get the update done. 

As always, let us know if you have torubles or issues on the server. Hoping to see you all online and to see more people on in the coming weeks. 


Hey all, long time no chat!

You're all probably wondering who I am (esp since you likely haven't seen me on much or haven't seen me at all). I'm Kale, one of the original Elders of Twilight. I am breaker of things and sayer of words. I promise I do things, I'm not useless. (mostly lol)

Anywho, writing you all to let you know that we're working on rolling out some new stuff for you guys. While we're rolling this out, please be mindful that there will be bugs and glitches. Please let us know if you happen across any of these.

Staff has been working extremely hard to bring these changes to you guys. We hope you enjoy them! 

As always, please do enjoy the server and let us know your thoughts and suggestions!


Ello everyone. Not a full update, but the staff team is working day and night for the past two weeks to add things to Kingdom. As you may have noticed, Warp Wild has been closed down for contruction and some of you have watched and even given ideas to staff for spawn of what you'd like to see. Not only are we adding new buildings and places for you to see, we are adding much more. I can not say what at this time, but we all hope you'll enjoy what we have found for you. We may be staff, but this is your server too and we vaule your opinion and comments. Speaking of, some of you have seen the vote going on on the right bar about what you would like to see. If you go to vote or already voted, please comment here to let us know what exactly it is you want to see or have a complaint on. This not only helps us, but helps the server and we want it to be as enjoyable and fun as possible for everyone. Keep an eye out in server chat or here for anymore updates as we continue to work around the clock.

- Ciao, Mercy/Raven

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